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Jonosil, Lda. was founded in 1973 in Águeda and has specialized in the manufacture and commerce of FERRAGENS and accessories for furniture and construction.
In a path of continuous evolution and adaptation to the economy and challenges of the markets, it is also dedicated to the manufacture and commerce of metal components for hives.
Over the years it has set the customers satisfaction, a relationship of proximity and the commerce of quality products the main LEMAS of the company.
With a vast experience in the national and international market, we are present in the most important world fairs, which allow us to place the company in a VANGUARDA position on supplying innovative products.
Our  production and storage capacity allows us to keep up and assist our clients spread all over the country, in Europe and Africa.
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To develop, produce and COMERCIALIZAR high quality and innovative products in order to meet our clients’ needs, based on a responsible and sustainable development of our business.
To become a national and international reference in the market, getting our clients, suppliers and collaborators in the construction of a business model based in the clients’ satisfaction and FIDELIZAÇÃO and in the diversity and innovation of products and solutions, both nationally and internationally.
Quality / Confidence / Innovation
We aim to build a strong relationship of confidence and integrity with our clients, suppliers and collaborators,  guided by the quality and innovation of our products.
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