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Privacy Policy


Above all, Jonosil values honesty and transparency in order to build a solid and lasting relationship with its customers.

We recognise the importance of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679). In this context we have drawn up this Privacy, Security and Data Protection Policy, in which we express our commitment to and respect for National and Community legislation.

To optimize the experience with Jonosil, personal data are processed in accordance with our guarantee of confidentiality and security. This helps us to provide relevant information for each user, including products and specific offers.



Because the respect for the customers’ will is part of our policy, if you disagree with any point of our Privacy Policy, you can at any time contact us by letter or email. We will do everything we can to satisfy our clients’ wishes while respecting their concerns.

Jonosil – Indústria e Comércio de Ferragens Lda, with NIF 500 157 316, with headquarters in Travessa da Eiras Velhas, 74, Paredes, Apartado 11, 3754-909 Águeda. – telefone +351 234 622 185.

As controller of the Personal Data, Jonosil Lda, assumes the commitment that the purpose and the means of their processing provide all the applicable security measures in a correct and licit way and according to good practices.

It applies the principle of strict necessity so as not to exceed the original purpose for which the Personal Data are collected and processed.



In an active way, such as when you log in to your account, personally collected, newsletter subscription and in a passive way, when you search for products on our page, through the device, browser, network information and IP address.



Contact: first and last name, tax identification number, mobile phone/telephone number, delivery and billing address, email address, user's social network identifier and or any other communication channel the user has used to contact us and obtain any information.

Location: company location and/or home, in the case of an end customer, IP address, GPS location, in case the user wants to share our company, through the respective mobile device, or the Jonosil website that the user visited and that can give us clues as to their location. Information used for users to find what they are looking for in their location.

Purchases: information about payments made by the user, shopping cart, delivery and billing address, user order number, user's purchase history. This information is of the user and can accompany all the history with Jonosil.

Behaviour and profile: user's shopping history, items from your order list, browsing behaviour, browsing preferences, shop interactions, product analysis, social network interactions with our company and any other information we have about you that may help us get to know you better as a consumer. We use this to send marketing messages containing only products and services in which, in our opinion, the user may be more interested.

Social networks: information obtained through user interaction with us on the various social network channels available to the public, social network user names, social network interactions and publications.

Devices: information about the user's device or browser that gives us an idea about their navigation behaviour or use of the device. Information about your device is collected via your browser by our cookies. This information is generally required for network security purposes. This includes, without limitation: IP address, date and time of visit, how long you stayed on our site, the referring URL (if you accessed our site via a different site or advertisement), the pages visited on our site, browser type, device type, versions, operating system.

Correspondence: includes, conversations that you have when you contact Customer Service, emails that you send us about our products and/or services, complaints that you may send us by mail, email, or telephone, notes that we have prepared about your feedback, calls back from our Customer Service to you, and any other communication between you and Jonosil employee.



For the proper functioning of the site, the domain of Jonosil, the security of the domain, the network and user authentication. For the sale of Jonosil products, online and offline orders, product delivery, electronic delivery tracking, customer service, personalized e-mail marketing messages, targeted and personalized campaigns to our customers/users.

The more and better we understand what really matters to our user, the more likely we are to offer an optimal experience, with assertive products and offers. The data also serve to confirm the real identity of the user who logs in through the Jonosil account, as well as to remember the preferences of each user when interacting with us.

Sale of Jonosil products, in order to process online orders, you must make sure that your payment is received and meets the requirements set out in our Terms and Conditions for the sale of the products to you, including invoice handling, deliveries, customization services, exchanges and refunds.

Once you have successfully placed an order, we will use your contact information, delivery address.

Electronic delivery tracking is a service provided, at the request of the consumer, by the delivery partners. The user has the option to track his/her delivery using the services provided directly by our delivery partners. However, we may only share your information with our delivery partners with your consent. The service is hosted on the delivery partner's platform and for this purpose you should read the respective Privacy Notice regarding the handling of your Personal Data.

Operational analysis of the company: it is necessary to evaluate the behaviour and results of our company which is in the best interests of management, employees, customers and suppliers. To do this, it is necessary to analyse different types of information to understand how our products and services are being sold, what their most popular characteristics are, what worked or not in terms of marketing campaigns, product design and distribution strategy, site design and the general user experience, all this to evaluate, study, define and better implement our business strategy.

It includes data analysis to understand how users navigate our site and use the application to improve the user experience design to ensure that the user continues to purchase our products and interact with our company on our site.

Customer Service: the user's personal data are used to inform the moment when the products are available after their request, and to provide answers to their doubts and concerns through the various communication channels that we make available to the user.

Marketing messages: we send personalized marketing messages, which we believe you may be interested in, to the email address you provide when subscribing to our email newsletters. To do this, we observe your behaviour online and consequently analyse it so that we can better assess which product lines you may be interested in and benefit from.

We will use this information until you withdraw your consent to the sending of e-mails or object to the processing of your Personal Data for marketing purposes.

We may use third-party advertising platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. to send messages to the user, based on his/her behavior and Internet search pattern, at specific times and locations of those platforms to increase the effectiveness of our campaigns. We use third party solutions, such as Google Analytics, to help us improve our work by targeting our campaigns and messages to consumers.

Collection of information from the user's device on our site, via cookies, in your browser to obtain certain information about your current browsing session. Cookies also allow our site to remember your actions and preferences (login, language, display preferences) for a certain period so that you no longer need to re-enter your preferences each time you return to the site or navigate from one page to another. We use cookies for different purposes, which also means that they have different legal bases.

Cookies required: site functionality and commercial activity, to operate our site. It includes, storing a unique identifier to manage and identify you as a unique visitor to our site and to provide a consistent service that you need, it includes the guarantee that we remember the products that you put in your cart or your language preferences. These cookies are stored during the browsing session. Without these cookies, the user will not be able to view our site correctly.

Functional Cookies: to continuously improve the performance of our site, including the use of user data we chose for the following purposes: based on navigation behaviour, we analyse the data to improve the functionality and design of our site. Ad response rates, based on how you visit our site, we measure ad response rates by analyzing clicks to improve the effectiveness of advertising purchased on a site outside of ours.



Personal Data are kept by Jonosil, for the purposes described above and for the time necessary for the execution of the commercial relationship with the user/customer, namely management of the purchase, return, complaint and/or claim, inherent to the purchase of the product(s).



Technical and organisational measures are in place to deal with the risks corresponding to our use of the user's Personal Data, including loss, alteration or unauthorised access. However, you should be aware that any transmission of your Personal Data over the Internet is at your own risk. We can only protect your Personal Data when in our possession.



The user's Personal Data will not be disclosed to third parties without the user's explicit and prior consent, however, they may be disclosed to third parties that provide specific services, such as external entities that Jonosil may contract to assist in the exercise of its activity. For example, the provision of services such as website hosting, email, electronic services payment, through credit or debit cards, or answering users' questions about products and/or services, logistics service providers, transportation and product delivery. However, the contracted companies are obliged to keep the information confidential and may not use it for other purposes.

Legal Obligation: If and when we are required to provide your Personal Data for national and public security reasons, crime prevention, investigation and prosecution, money laundering, court proceedings, protection of the rights and freedoms of other individuals, and civil proceedings, we will provide any information requested by the authorities as required under the law. We may not notify you if it is against the law.



However, if any user is not comfortable with us having their data, they can always contact us.

You can change your browser settings to delete or prevent certain cookies from being stored on your computer or mobile device without your explicit consent.

Under the RGPD and data protection legislation applicable in EU countries, you have the rights set out and explained below;

For any questions about your privacy and personal data, you can contact us in the section "Request customer service".

In turn you should consult your local control authority about your rights under the RGPD and understand what those rights mean:

  • Obtaining a copy of your Personal Data - you have the right to obtain a copy of your Personal Data, provided this has no negative effects on third parties.
  • Access to information on your Personal Data - You have the right to know whether or not we use your Personal Data, as well as the following information:
  1. a) why we have your Personal Data;
  2. b) what types of data we have;
  3. c) what we do with your Personal Data;
  4. d) who has access to your Personal Data and how long we will keep your Personal Data;
  5. e) if you have not provided your Personal Data directly to us, how we have obtained them;
  6. f) the rights of the user under applicable law and the possibility of limitation of treatment;
  7. g) if we use your Personal Data for any automatic decision-making process;
  • You should make sure that your Personal Data is correct. - The user has the right to make sure that we are using the right information about him/her.
  • Deletion of the user's Personal Data. - The user has the right to ask us to delete his/her Personal Data if: 
  1. a) we no longer need them for a specific purpose;
  2. b) you withdraw your consent if we ask for it when we collect your Personal Data;
  3. c) if the user opposes the use of his/her Personal Data on the basis of legitimate interests, including direct marketing activities, unless we can demonstrate an overriding need for legitimate interest.
  • Limitation on how we use your Personal Data. - You have the right to prevent us from processing your Personal Data in a certain way, when:
  1. a) in the user's opinion, we are not using the correct Personal Data;
  2. b) the user does not want us to delete his/her Personal Data, but he/she does not believe we are complying with the law;
  3. c) you challenge our explanation of our use on the basis of a "legitimate interest". When you successfully restrict how we use your Personal Data, we only use your Personal Data with your consent, or unless required by law.
  • Withdrawal of the user's consent. - When using Personal Data on the basis of the user's consent, he/she has the right to change his/her mind and withdraw his/her consent at any time.
  • The user must file a complaint with his/her local data protection supervisory authority. - If the user is not satisfied with the way in which we handle his/her Personal Data, or with the way in which we respond to his/her rights provided for herein, he/she is entitled to lodge a complaint against us with his/her local Data Protection Supervisory Authority.
  • Updates and Notification of Updates. - We review and update the Privacy Notice periodically to reflect any changes resulting from our daily business activity. You will always be able to check the date of the Privacy Notice to know when we last made the change. We will notify you when we make significant changes that you should be aware of.


In cases where the user's Personal Data may be used by Non Jonosil Data Controllers through Jonosil platforms and applications or elsewhere, for their own purposes, the user should consult the Privacy Notice of the Non Jonosil Data Controller to obtain further information on how their Personal Data are processed.

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